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I have been serving cross-culturally since 2011 in a large mission organisation with 4000 workers from more than 70 countries. My husband and I led a multi-ethnic, multi-generational team comprised of both support-raised and salaried workers spread across three countries in South-East Asia that was in turn training, equipping and supporting around 700 churches.

Prior to moving overseas I studied Arts and Law, trained as a lawyer and then worked for ten years in management for a multi-national publishing company. In that business context I discovered a love for training and mentoring people and for doing research and analysis. Organisations need the best quality information possible on which to make informed strategic decisions.

In South-East Asia, God grew my understanding of His world and my heart to see young people reached with the gospel and discipled into leaders. Having worked in very different but equally complex organizations I am fascinated with the dynamics and cultures of organizations and the role of leaders within them. I believe healthy Christian organisations which are both grounded in biblical leadership and have robust leadership and management skills allow individuals to flourish and be better able to bring the gospel, justice and mercy to a lost and hurting world.

If leadership is worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly … the first time, while learning along the way.

James E. Plueddemann, Leading Across Cultures

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